Clients Include:

thebestof Exeter
Simpkins Edwards – Devon
Arttus Period Interiors – Somerset
Mansell Construction – South West
House of Marbles – Newton Abbot / Powderham
Westward Housing Group – Torquay / Plymouth
London House – Exeter / Torquay
Sutton Seeds – Paignton
David & Charles – Newton Abbot
Candy Tiles – Heathfield / Devon
WBB – Sandbach / Cheshire
National Trust – Drogo / Saltram / Killerton
Teignbridge Council
Castrol – Oxford
Esso – Elsmere Port
University of Exeter
Peninsula Medical School – Plymouth
Longleat House – Wiltshire
Teleflower International – Romsey Hampshire
Wrigleys – Plymouth
Cross Stitch Guild – Fairford Gloucester

Here is a small selection from our recent clients covering a wide range of commercial photography.

thebestof Exeter

I was asked to photograph various sites around Exeter, and make these images attractive and also fit a very specific “letter-box” format. Time spent researching the locations and marking the right time for the photography was invaluable to achieve the best results. Used on website as banner headline.

Teign Valley Glass (HOM)

Photography of glass (paper-weight) can be a challenge. So controlled conditions, in a studio, are vital to achieve the desired result. The images had to fit a square poster format for exhibition in New York New York, also for website use.


Home2own offer mortgages to key workers around the South West. My brief is to photograph the client in and around their homes in an informal and interesting way, for use in editorial, PR, and web-site.


When working at Longleat House (Wiltshire) there is a question of working quickly as there is always the paying public to take into account. This means that shots have to be organised to a tight schedule, always keeping in mind the antiquity and value of the interior. Images used in the House guide book and website.


Mansell require me to photograph many of their sites around Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, but this job was to show that when necessary they work to fit in with various construction schedules such as tides. This photograph was taken at low tide showing a new slipway being installed in Plymouth, it was also bucketing down with rain. For use in marketing and PR material.

Sampsons Farm Restaurant

Sampsons Farm invited me to work with them to achieve a feeling of comfort and quality at their Hotel and Restaurant. The photography has been part of an ongoing process to raise their profile on the web-site and by marketing in magazines and directories.

Simpkins Edwards

The commission from Simpkins Edwards to achieve images for their web-site set two challenges.
1. The “letterbox” shape for the banner headline which also had to have space for their Logo panel.
2. Simpkins Edwards are a friendly accountancy firm they felt that it would be good to use their own staff for the photography. This was not a problem, what it meant was that the marketing dept and myself put a very tight schedule together so that staff new what was happening and there was little disruption.